dla TWOICH PRACOWNIKÓW Sport tournaments

Which sport?

Golf, tennis, football, basketball, beach volleyball, and maybe running …

The most popular? The most elite? Team or individual?

No matter what you choose, we’ll suggest, prepare the most attractive offer and carry out every competition!


How to interest and appreciate?

A perfectly tailored event requires a lot of attention … just like a VIP client 🙂

Do you want to introduce a new product, interest in the offer, appreciate cooperation, strengthen business relationships?

Invite the most important contractors to a unique event that will positively surprise and meet the expectations of the most demanding.

dla TWOICH PRACOWNIKÓW Outdoor image activities

Fine feathers make fine birds?

Show the good side of your company, and it will certainly be easier for you to achieve better business results.

CSR, pro-ecological, educational, integrating generations, equalizing opportunities, multicultural activities …

In our opinion it’s worth it!